The Records Department is comprised of two full-time and three part-time employees and is commanded by the Assistant Chief of Police.  This division is responsible for receiving and processing all accident reports filed within the City of Cullman and forwarding a copy to the State of Alabama Department of Public Safety.  Copies of accident reports are provided upon request to the parties involved in the accident or their insurance companies for a nominal fee.

All arrest reports and Incident/Offense reports are forwarded to the Records Department to be processed and entered into the computer system.  Local criminal records checks are also performed by this unit for citizens requesting their own criminal record, the Armed Services or employers of citizens with the individual's written consent.

All original reports are filed in the data storage room and retained for the required number of years.  This storage room also houses officer activity sheets, jail logs, jail cards, dispatch complaint cards, criminal history files and youthful offender files.

Records is located in the Police Department administration building at 601 2nd AVE NE, Cullman.   You can reach them by phone at 256-775-7167.    All requested reports incur a $10 per report processing and duplication charge.   (Check should be written out to "City of Cullman.")