Four 12-hour shifts operate out of the Patrol Division providing round-the-clock service to citizens of Cullman. 

This division has the primary responsibility for the department's efforts to maintain peace, protect life and property, and the preservation and suppression of crime.



The Aviation unit is on call 24 hours a day, seven days per week, to assist our officers as well as other local agencies and agencies from surrounding counties.  Requests for assistance range from public service program demonstrations to marijuana eradication, search and arrest warrants, missing persons cases, search for escapees, high speed pursuits, storm damage assessments, traffic flow assessments, aerial recognizance and surveillance for criminal and narcotic investigations, assisting Tactical Team, and search and rescue operations. 


Danny Hite


The Cullman Police Department has several LEBA certified bike patrol officers. These officers are assigned to use the bikes to work special events such as Relay For Life, parades, Day In The Park, sporting events, and targeted problem areas in the city. This unit also offers bicycle safety programs and bicycle rodeos for youth groups. Officers assigned to this program must be physically fit to withstand the rigorous training course and duty responsibilities.

There are many benefits from bicycle patrol:
Officers are out of cars and accessible to public
Subjects cannot generally outrun officers on bicycles
Officers can approach silently on the bicycles
Much more ground can be covered on a bicycle patrol than on foot
Bicycles can go where cars are unable to go
Cost are less for bicycles than cars


The duties of the motorcycles are primarily traffic enforcement and accident investigation. This unit consists of three motorcycle patrolmen. The motor officers are certified accident investigators with numerous training hours in accident investigations.

Patrolman Matt Dean, Patrolman Charles Shikle, Sergeant Terry Gilliland, and Sergeant Mick Harbison with assigned Harley Davidson Police Road King patrol units


The duties of the lake patrol consist of patrolling the City reservoir and all of the watershed area for activities such as illegal dumping, illegal use of city owned property, and violation of city ordinances and State laws. 


This unit is responsible for locating individuals on whom the department holds a valid warrant and processing the related paperwork. They have the responsibility of traveling to other agencies, both in-state and out-of-state, who are holding a subject based upon our warrant and transporting them back for prosecution.


The Reserve program is a auxiliary patrol program comprised of about 15 selected applicants based upon their qualifications. As opposed to other agencies whose program consists of non-compensated volunteers, these officers are given a uniform allowance, and can work a maximum of 40 hours bi-weekly.    Academy certified reserve officers have the same responsibilities and handle the same tasks as full time patrol officers, only on a part time basis.  

All non-certified hires are required to attend the next available APOSTC sanctioned law enforcement academy in the surrounding area.

Applications may be obtained from the office of the Chief of Police and are maintained on file for a two year period.


Traffic homicide investigations (THI) is called out on serious bodily injury accidents and on all fatal motor vehicle accidents. Traffic Homicide is also called out at the discretion of the on-duty supervisor to give technical assistance during a complex accident investigation.