Equalizer Women’s Self Defense Program
Officer Cindy Rohrscheib, Instructor


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Every year, millions of women are victims of violence. Usually at the hands of someone they know. Every woman should know how to recognize and reduce their risk of becoming a victim and how to effectively resist a physical attack, if necessary. Every woman should be “Prepared in Advance”.

This program is divided into four, 4-hour phases.   It has been designed with the understanding that most women do not have a lot of time to spend on self-defense training and that many people are not physically able to perform certain techniques. Therefore, a participant may choose to only go through Phase One because four hours is all the time they have to spare. Likewise, a participant may choose to only go through Phases One and Two because they may not have the physical fitness level to go through Phases Three and Four. By structuring the program this way, we are able to provide training, however limited, to almost everyone.

Our law enforcement program, SSGT, has been proven in the field to be life saving for officers in the line of duty. If thousands of law enforcement officers can trust our training, so can you.

Officer Cindy Rohrscheib is a Certified Equalizer Self-Defense Instructor and has been with the Cullman Police Department for the past seven years. She has taught classes for Wallace Community College and St. Bernard Prep School students, moms and daughters, Realtors, among others. If you would like for her to come to your church, school or employer to talk about or demonstrate the Equalizer women’s self defense program or inquire about getting a class started for your group, please contact her by email for more information at cindyr@cullmanpd.com or by calling 256-775-7160.