Dive Team is another specialized unit trained to respond to many marine situations. The Dive Team handles underwater rescue and recovery of drowning victims and evidence. The Dive Team is made up of multiple agencies in order to better serve the citizens of Cullman County. By joining these agencies together the dive team can utilize equipment, personnel, and knowledge of a given area to successfully complete a mission. The Dive Team currently has access to boats, underwater photography equipment, under water real-time cameras, cold water diving great and underwater communication equipment which increases safety and aids in any operation. It would be difficult for once agency alone to accept the burden of expense to purchase and maintain such a large amount of equipment that may have to be utilized in a moment's notice. The Cullman Police Department currently has four officers assigned to the dive team. All four officers are experienced divers and were certified SCUBA drivers before being assigned to the team. These officers are assigned to normal patrol duties and in the event the dive team is called out they respond with personnel from other agencies.