With an authorized strength of 86 employees, the Cullman Police Department is the largest municipal law enforcement agency in Cullman County. A full-service police agency, the department has embraced a community-oriented philosophy and relies heavily upon community involvement in problem solving strategies. It is through this approach of heightened community awareness in public safety matters that the Cullman Police Department most effectively addresses its major priority of providing a safe and secure environment for those who live, work and play here.

It is the mission of the Cullman Police Department to provide professional police service in partnership with the community that enhances the quality of life, by preserving the constitutional rights of every citizen while enforcing all federal laws, state laws and ordinances of the City of Cullman. This is accomplished through the application of the standards of professionalism, integrity and accountability.


Back in 1885, law was maintained in the City of Cullman by a constable, and later by marshals. In 1896, GJ McCoy was City Marshall, and was followed by Bill Schneider in 1900. From 1907 forward, a Chief of Police has been tasked with maintaining law and order.

Past Chiefs of Police

1907 M.C. Blackmon 1922 A.A. Rollo 1952 O.W. Hancock
1908 G.A. Hickmon 1923 W.G. Windsor 1956 G.C. Chapman
1911 J. Hill 1924 J.H. Nix 1960 R.B. Moyer
1915 J.W. Sparks 1932 Jack Tucker 1964 Bascom Miller
1919 C.B. Graves 1939 W.M. Heaton 1972 Roy Wood, Jr.
1919 J.L. Brasher 1947 J.E. Pierce 1984 Bill Mangum
1920 W.G. Windsor 1950 E.E. Fulmer 1988 Kenny Culpepper - current
1922 J.M. West 1950 G.C. Chapman  

Historical Facts about Cullman Police Dept.

  • 1875: Town Marshall was required to furnish his badge, at his own expense.
  • 1876: Town Marshall was paid an annual salary of $125. In 1877, however, he was able to earn extra income by removing the carcasses of dead animals. He would receive $1.50 for a hog or dog, $4 for cattle. In 1880, he was paid 50 cents for each arrest made that ended in a conviction.
  • 1886: Mayor orders Town Marshall to get rid of cow bells on city streets.
  • 1894: Resolution passed forbidding the Town Marshall to enter saloons to drink or play pool while on duty.
  • 1897: A two-cell city jail was built for $325.
  • 1905: Town Marshall was paid $35 each month, with a $1 bonus for each arrest and conviction.
  • 1915: Police force consisted of three men.
  • 1920: Chief of Police was paid $100 each month.
  • 1921: Motorcycle officer added to the force.
  • 1923: Motorcycle was replaced with a Ford Roadster.
  • 1931: A Chevrolet coach was put into service.
  • Plans presented for a 10x12 police station to be built at the corner of First Avenue and Fourth Street West.
  • 1953: An old truck was purchased for $100 and delegated to the dog catcher.
  • 1955: Radar speed unit was purchased.
  • 1962: Each officer was required to pay $2.50 each month for his uniforms.
  • 1962: An eight-hour work shift was made permanent.
  • 1965: Old police station converted into public restrooms.
  • 1973: A code of rules and regulations was published.
  • 1976: Air conditioning was added to the police station and jail.